Behavioral Health

Appointments are available 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Monday through Friday and can be scheduled by calling Coal Country at 7018734445

Recognizing and reaching out when you need support benefits everyone-family members, friends, clients, coworkers, and, of course, you. Mental and behavioral health services are just a phone call away to lend a hand during difficult times and are a benefit that personalizes out commitment to support our community and one another.


Our goal at CCCHC is to provide assistance to individuals and families who experience emotional and coping problems and those who have serious, persistent mental illness. We offer services for our established patients as well as new patients.

Substance Abuse Services

CCCHC is licensed to provide Drug and Alcohol Evaluations as well as Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment and Aftercare


We take the privacy of your information as seriously as we take our own. All services are held in the strictest confidence as required by law. Please click here to view our Notice of Privacy Practices Psychiatry Addendum.